Children are brilliant

For a while I was really good at posting all the great things that my Princess would say…. many of them make me laugh and subsequently squeeze her so tight unable to control how much love I have for her…. other times, I can’t help but stop in my tracks and reflect on the absolute brilliance that comes from her heart and mind through her mouth or her actions. Now… I believe this is all children if we simply take the time to listen and observe. Sometimes, depending on a child’s circumstances, the brilliance is harder to hear and experience because maybe they don’t/can’t speak words or completely control their actions, but they are always communicating and expressing in their own little ways. I can only share the experiences I have so I will. Lately, I’ve been really bad about publishing the brilliance because of time and someday I am going to regret that, but it’s never too late to begin again and include the little sis as well. The Princess was so verbal so early…  quite an impressive vocabulary and ability to articulate by the time she was 15 months which is not the case with the little Monkey who is now a little over 15 months and just saying a few words but her fine and even gross motor skills blow us away. It’s amazing how different every child can be and at the same time be so much alike. Children are such a gift… they are so truly amazing. And hopefully I’ll get better than I have been lately at sharing that with all of you.