Brilliant Babble

My oldest kid is a gold mine of brilliant babble and I used to be so good at capturing it. Ugh! the dangers of a busy life is the loss of recording such sweet, beautiful history that she will someday enjoying reading. I had/have so many amazing ideas for preserving her childhood for her. Maybe some day I can start even if it is a little later in life.

Anyways, today my oldest, who has decided she wants to be called Sissy Iszye found a dead bee outside in the backyard with her friend Coral. Well, she fell in love with this bee and since she doesn’t really understand the concept of death as final, she wanted to bring him back inside to make it healthy again and return it to its mommy and daddy and home that it once had. And she is totally adamant about it. Not only that but she is truly heartbroken about it being away from its family and home. So it’s sitting in our kitchen on the bar. This was the conversation:

Is: “Mommy come look at the bee that I found in the backyard. It’s dead and sleeping and far away from its family and home. but I want it to be my friend.”

me: “Oh wow, that’s great. you want to help it find its home again.”

Dad: “yea, he probably misses his family and his home.”

Is: “yea, it’s so sad to be dead and far away from its family. can i keep him?”

Mom: “well, maybe Papi can take him back to his family for you while you are taking a nap.”

Is: “no, not yet, I want to have him be my friend for a little while first. is he going to be okay?”

Mom: “i am pretty sure that he is not going to wake up. he probably needs to go back to his home but we’ll wait till you’re ready”

IS: “okay mommy, it’s just so sad, he can’t fly or see his mommy and daddy, or be in his home, like my home. but i can share my home for a little while.”


So now i have a dead bee in my kitchen.


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