So much to share

I hate it when I get too busy to blog and that’s been happening a lot lately. I’ve certainly had my opportunities to write for other sites in the peacenerd world but I’ve failed to post a great deal of brilliant babble for all of you ANNNND for me, someday when I’m wishing I could remember everything my kids say and do. My spunky princess is truly brilliant and so full of love and compassion. She loves to perform and make music and create things, build things, paint, and snuggle. Lately, I’ve started to notice what is either a burgeoning 7 or 3 (for my Enneagram lovers out there). My little monkey is hilarious and EXTREMELY rough and tumble. She likes to do crazy things, be loud, and destroy ANYTHING in her path. It’s still too early to detect her Enneagram placement because…. well….. she has no fear. Or conscience.

On Halloween night we went up to Noe Valley. We had our little flamenco dancer with 2 tattoos (that I drew and colored on her arms – a beautiful red poppy and a cute little purple/orange butterfly). We also had our little Alabama cheerleader. They were a hit. Isa had people stopping to take her picture as she was dancing down the street. In fact, this one group of 20 something girls begged her to be IN their picture as we nabbed our treats from the bartender inside the Dubliner. Others snapped her photo as we progressed down the street. Unfortunately, though it caused us to get behind our treat-gathering buddies, the purple princess kitty cat, butterfly fairy with whom my flamenco dancer shares an entire language (called Iz) and the boo boo brother pirate with the crooked smile. We finally caught up and that’s about when the little cheerleader TOOK OFF. Shortly after she escaped the confines of the stroller and took the street by foot, she truly took the street. A couple of times, I even had to knock over small children to catch up to her. At 16 months, the kid has been traveling on foot so long that she is the fastest child I know. Or at least the quickest. In fact, you can watch her run and see that occasionally her feet leave the ground and she just floats….. until she crashes. Yep, she crashes a lot because she just generates so much speed. I think that her speed has a lot to do with her lightness. While we’re at it, this kid climbs even more than big sister and trust me, that is saying a lot. The are such little adventurers, both of them.

A life full of adventure, for this mom is a dream come true. Every moment of everyday is such a gift with these two kids, and this amazing city that we live in, and I think it can only get better with more moments, more days, and more kids!


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