So yesterday, Jos took a short nap because the Blue Angels decided to fly right over our house. Anyways, Jeff was gone all day and the morning had been really busy so I let her talk/yell a little longer than normal after waking up because I thought she would go back to sleep. Nope. She mostly talked for a while and then suddenly started to yell. So I went in there. She had taken all the blankets and thrown them in the floor including the one that is tucked under her mattress and draped over the side of the crib. She had taken the pillow case off her pillow and thrown both in the floor. But these are things she does anyways. The best part was the fact that she had completely undressed herself throwing her t’shirt, her pants, and her socks in the floor, and her diaper was halfway off. And she was just standing there yelling. I walked in and she was alllll…. “uh ohhhhh” smiling like a little stinker.


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