Brilliant Babble

Tonight for dinner we had scrambled eggs with broccoli with fresh goat cheese, a little sea salt, and pepper…… I made more than enough for the 3 of us (Jeff was gone all day and night), expecting some leftovers.

Is: “I’m all finished, mommy, can I have some more broccoli, please, please, please? Or is all that for daddy (as she looks into the skillet).”

Me: “Of course you can have more! Daddy’s not going to be here for dinner tonight.”

(so between Jos and Is, they finish it all off…..)

Me: “WOW, you girls did great! You want a little dessert, now?”

Is: “hmmm, no, mommy, can you cook more broccoli? It is so good, it’s better than dessert!”

Me: “well, um…. OF COURSE i will cook more broccoli for you!” (even though I had already cleaned everything up)

So, I make her more broccoli and SHE EATS ALL BUT the handful of stems that she left.

Is: “Thank you, mommy for making more broccoli for me. It’s so yummy, you’re such a great mommy, the best mommy in the whole world!”


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